Tania Mouraud
2002 Sightseeing

2002 Sightseeing
PAL 7'
Camera, Editing and Production © Tania Mouraud 2002
sound: Claudine Movsessian
collection MAMVP, Paris
Les Abattoirs, Toulouse

Behind a blurred window-pane, a landscape in snow is slowly scroling upward. Is it a travel by train or car? There is the sound of a clarinette weeping and becoming sadder and sadder. At once the music is brutally stopped while on the screen appears a tail plane of an entrance. It lasts 8 seconds, the time required to go through many deductions and suppositions.
A slow camera panning on chimneys, smoke and barbed wire confirm the first impression. A text white on black creates again the surprise with a lot of question racing up at the mention of France. This video is an attempt to approach problems of history and link them to present time, to memory and emotion and redifine the meaning of art. It asserts that art is still the place of anti spectacle, the place of emotion, thought and that art can be the place of reason, a counterpart to the savage irrationality of humanity.

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