Tania Mouraud
2003 La Curée

2003 La Curée
PAL 2'
camera,editing and sound © Tania Mouraud 2003
Production: La Box and BanditsMages, Bourges
collection Musée de La Chasse et de la Nature, Paris

Quarry Bodies of fawn-colored dogs move into a ritual choreography similar to a dance of life. They manifest their happiness. The slow motion picture shows the bodies gliding one upon the other in order to catch a piece of raw meat. As time goes on the picture becomes more and more threatening and a vague discomfort take hold of the viewer to grow to a level where a kind of indelible disgust is taking place. Though it does not come from the images or the sound. The emotion leave place to a desire for thought. Is it about human condition? Where does animality begin and stop? Is there a possible distance?

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