Tania Mouraud
2008 Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum
HD 8'10"
shooting location: Guerrero negro, Mexico
camera, sound and production © Tania Mouraud 2008

The installation is composed of a large format B&W HD video projected in loop on the walls and a spatialized sound installation.

The video
Shot on a barge near Guererro, Mexico, the whales move, strange shapes that we find out to be heads of whales provoke a mixed feeling of attraction and anxiety. No hint around to solve the riddle. Maybe it will eventually increase the awareness towards the condition of the human being and his cohabitation with the other species. I chose to film the whales because to me, they represent the continuity of the world, its birth and survival in our industrial era as well as their cohabitation with another age. When they migrate they live close to petrol tankers and all sorts of machines that belong to our time. How long will they live on? Our fate is closely linked to theirs. They also represent the ancient fear of the unknown and confront us with our both physical and psychological weaknesses, hinting to the leviatan myth close to Allan Edgar Poe short story “the black cat”

The sound
A long moaning fills the space composed with samples I recorded on the spot, meaning on one hand industrial samples such as boat engines or how the water responded to the boat etc., as well as animal samples: bird songs, dolphins, whales, killer whales and sea lions. It evokes the complaint of the living, the moaning of nature begging us to stop destroying nature, echoing our own childhood moaning when facing the unknown, the disappearing of communication and love in the meaning of St Francis of Assisis.

Tania Mouraud
Adoor 2008

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