Tania Mouraud
2009 Niagara

For the past few years nature has made a comeback in Tania Mouraud’s works, very different from some urban projects created in the 70’s. With maturity, however, she has found this need for nature. But it’s got its limits. For example, she hates going mushrooming, her head starts spinning, it’s too much for her.

« Since I’ve been involved with video, masses of things have come back to me from my childhood, when I lived in the country. And several shootings have actually been done in the countryside, except for my video diary,which is urban. In my videos, I started filming subjects which interested me. I recently made this video called Niagara. I had a show in Toronto and I went to Niagara Falls. I was a tourist, and when I saw that!! So I started filming, right under the falls. There’s a tunnel that takes you under the falls, where you get thoroughly sprayed, and drenched. I thought: too bad; Anyway, if I wreck my camera, that’ll be part of the technical expenses…

And I didn’t move! Actually, the only “artistic” thing was me saying to myself: I’m filming, despite the conditions. Because I’m an old lady now, and I can’t carry things any more, I work with very miniaturized equipment. My HD camera is no bigger than my hand. My tripod is my heart: if it moves,it’s the expression of my breathing. The camera was wrecked, but I got what I wanted.»

Interview Tania Mouraud/Catherine Grenier, in At the Core, École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier 2009

Niagara, extract.
HD 8'24" - Film sound and production ©Tania Mouraud 2009

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